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we are the wank [Jul. 19th, 2006|07:32 pm]
DMB Fanwank


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My dearest Dave Wank fans --

Things over at DMB communities have been quiet and wank-free lately.  Sure, a lot of "OMG I WANNA FIREDANCER TATTOO!" but not much wanking.

But do turn your attention to another community that has become the wankiest.

Fashion WANK

I swear to god, they should rename the community Project Runwank!

Ever since LJ put them up on the spotlight, it's taken over my flist with people who post a  thousand times to say "OMG I HATE SANTINO" or "FUCKYU DANNYV SUXXORS!""  Follow that with an additional five thousand people who think themselves the KINGS AND QUEENS OF SNARK and post HILARIOUS posts saying, "OMG WHATS UP WITH ALL U MORONS GO AWY WE'RE TEH HARDCORE RUNWAY FANZZZZ!"

Seriously.  It's great.