Dave Matthews Loves You.

Everyone else thinks you're a douche.

DMB Fanwank
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Welcome to the DMB Fanwank Community.

Here are some rules:

1. Wank hard. Wank often.
2. The more misspelled the wank, the better the wank is. Q.E.D.
3. Items that automatically qualify a person for wank status: gratuitous uncut image posts. Three line posts about how you want to sleep with Dave. 3 page posts about how you want to sleep with Dave. Vaguely narcissistic ramblings about how you are the only person who truly loves Dave. Referring to DMB as though it were one person, as in "Dave is so dreamy, I love him. I just love seeing him." Any assumptions that corrections or snark in reference to your posts are people unreasonably jumping all over your ass just because they are intolerant douchebags who can't handle that you are (fill in the blank). Any reference to one's own superiority as a fan based on number of concerts attended, age when first started listening, number of times having actually met Dave, or length of stick up one's ass. Anyone who decides getting a firedancer tattoo is a UNIQUE IDEA. Anyone who submits their crappy fanart, especially if they fail to do an LJ-cut.
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4. We said wank, not flame. The mod decides what stays and what goes. Any and all trolls will be mocked heartily.